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Do such questions cross your mind?


  1. Can we list the 10 or 20 most useful things we have learnt in our lives? The ones that have created the greatest impact in our lives?
    • How many of these we learnt in the classroom?
    • How and Where did we learn most of these? Who taught us?
    • Should we create learnt environments that:
      • Enable students to learn what is most relevant to their lives (in their times)?
      • Create inspiration to learn those?
      • And equip teachers to teach those in a manner students learn the best?
  2. Looking back, who are the teachers who made the deepest impact in our lives? And who are the ones we still dread to recall, and would love to forget?
    • How can we nurture teachers who imbibe these lessons on what makes an impacting teacher?
  3. We keep reading news items how children are scared of teachers, or school?
    • Is it possible for us to change this? That students look forward to school, and the closing bell is the not the most attractive part of the day?
  4. What are examinations for?
  5. Is our education system focused on preparing our children to live their lives the best way they can? Or are they trying to create responsible, worthy citizens who will take care of our tomorrow? Are they aware of the problems of the world, current and future, and feeling inspired to address them?
  6. Is our education system fair? Should it be fair?
  7. Are we teaching the right kind of values that are good for our society?
  8. And many more …

If such questions bother you, maybe we have some concerns. And if we engage, we may even find some common purpose.

Klorofeel is the coming together of people dogged by similar questions, looking for workable, affordable ways forward.

At Klorofeel, our purpose is to explore innovative paths to deliver relevant learning to those who need it – in a manner that is not just effective but also affordable and joyful.

We are aware and proud that we have diverse people, and widely varying context; our learning needs are different, learning styles are different, blocks are different. We strive to find context relevant solutions, we keep sharing even as we find them.

We will resist reinvention, and copy or adapt whatever we can. We collaborate with co-travellers pursuing similar goals, and stumbling forward – skirting obstacles together.

To learn more about who we are, click here:

The background of Klorofeel, our goals, and our pathways are explained in another page.

Our visual identity explains our philosophy and DNA visually, and that is worth a thousand words.