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Klorofeel School began its classes in the last week of March. Just after the nationwide lockdown was announced. Prior to deciding on our approach, we discussed with the parents…


Introduction to our teachers At Klorofeel School:


Klorofeel will be a school that will make a difference in the lives of its students who will positively impact the society at large. We will create a new generation of leaders.


We expect the school will begin its academic year from the Summer of 2020. Initially classes will begin for LKG, UKG, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. We will progressively…


The Blog section will be a leader board area for our thoughts and yours. This section will carry a cross section of leadership ideas, thought provoking debates, write ups and articles.

Welcome to klorofeel school

Klorofeel School is being designed for an exciting journey in joyous learning. Learning mathematics need not be boring and repetitive, nor scary. History must not be an effort at memorising dates or an endless list of warrior kings – it needs to be a breathtaking narrative of events and processes that shaped our past, provoking us to think “what if” and “why” – and what lessons we can draw for the present. Not just History, all subjects need to come alive in the minds of students, kindling their imagination, often in directions not imagined by us. Science, Geography, Civics and Literature must relate to our environment and the regular issues that challenge us.

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Kalyan Banerjee


Klorofeel School: Visual Identity

What the Visual Identity signifies

The two hands of different colours stand for collaboration as well   as diversity.

Chairman Audio Message


Klorofeel School is located in a quiet north eastern hinterland of Bramhapur…


Founders of Klorofeel School have spent years exploring structured curriculum…


Take a look at some of the breathtaking images of the location…

Our Objective

Our objective is to create a joyful learning environment with Meaning and Relevance to the real world, not to create an insular utopia. In fact…


Letter to Principals

Letter to Principals

As India and the world…

Letter to Parents

Letter to Parents

We are witnessing an unprecedented…

The Team

Kalyan Banerjee is engaged in co-creating Klorofeel…

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Kalyan Banerjee

Adarsh Rath, a Mechanical Engineer with MBA in HR…

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Adarsh Rath

Dr.Haribandhu Panda mentors social enterprises in Odisha…

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Dr. Haribandhu Panda

Gopal Rao Netani, has around two decades of…

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Gopal Rao Netani

MBA from XIME, Taniya is excellent at delivering…

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Taniya Mukherjee

As Chief Learning Officer at Edureka!, Anand drives…

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Ananda Rao Ladi

Somnath Patnaik,a Mechanical Engineer…

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Somnath Pattnaik